General Medicine

General Medicine Department

The Department of Internal Medicine at KIMS SUNRISE includes fully trained experienced Senior Consultant physicians of national and international repute, physician assistants and nurse practitioners and who work closely with bedside nurses, social workers, physical therapists and other staff to provide thoughtful, safe, collaborative and effective medical care.

The Prime Services offered are,

  • Regular P.Ds and Evening OPDs
  • Specialty Clinics
  • P.D
  • 24 Hr Resident doctors and on call consultants
  • Well equipped and well mannered Intensive Therapy
  • Emergency ICU
  • 10 beded Medical ICU with separate High Dependacy Unit
  • Evaluation and management of all Medical Emergencies
  • Management of drug overdoses & poisoning
  • Pre-operation checks
  • Step down ICU with advanced invasive and noninvasive monitors, infusion devices, Invasive and Noninvasive Ventilators, Dialysis
  • 24 Hrs MRI Scan, CT Scan,Digital X-ray, Laboratory Medicine, Blood Storage facility & Transfusion Medicine
  • The main specialty clinics includes Speciality Clinics Diabetes clinic, HT clinic, Obesity clinic, Thyroid clinic
  • Critical care Internal Medicine
  • Lifestyle Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Arthrology and Immunology
  • Geriatrics
  • Patient awareness regarding preventive aspects of the diseases

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